Civil Servant of the Year Nomination Instructions

Complete the electronic nomination form located at https://minnesota.feb.gov/civil-servant-of-the-year-may-3-2023/ by Friday, February 24, 2023.  There are no fees to nominate an employee.

It is the agency’s responsibility to inform the nominee of their award nomination.


Each agency can nominate up to two employees for this year’s Civil Servant of the Year.  A nomination may be used for an employee or a team award.  Agencies are encouraged to consider all employee grade categories when selecting their nominations.  


Customer Service ‐ This award recognizes the employee who frequently exceeds customer expectations and performs to the highest standards and measures, making them an example to others in similar roles. An individual nominated for Customer Service may:

  • Make customers feel important by listening to their concerns and going the extra mile to make sure those concerns are addressed.
  • Keeps any promises they make to their customers and has developed a reputation for trustworthy and reliable service, no matter the circumstan
  • Demonstrates excellence when resolving conflicts or facing challenges.
  • Displays a positive attitude and maintains a high level of professionalism at all times.
  • Enhances their organization’s ability to accomplish its mission and contributes positively to the reputation of federal employees everywhere.


Excellence Beyond Expectations Award ‐ This award recognizes the impactful traits of unwavering dedication, overcoming immense challenges, unparalleled professionalism, and taking great risk and initiative to drive positive change for their Federal agency at a State, National, or International level. An individual nominated for Excellence Beyond Expectations may:

  • Be deeply committed to their work, which contributes to the enthusiasm of the organization.
  • Demonstrate an intense dedication to provide excellent service to co-workers.
  • Share their enthusiasm for the organization with others.
  • Is known within the organization as the “go-to” person, willingly volunteers, and enriches the organization.
  • Participate in a project at a local or national level that resulted in successful outcomes related to the organization.


Innovation ‐ Recognizes the employee identifying and implementing a creative approach to meet the organizational need(s) by doing things differently that have measurable impact, sustainability and potential for growth.  An individual nominated for Innovation may:

  • Actively seek ways to progress beyond the status quo.
  • Proactively identify new, creative ways to improve upon a process or service delivery.
  • Implement change in a positive manner and work to ensure it is successful.
  • Approach a problem with a solution in mind.
  • Confronts challenges with a desire for improvement.


Leadership ‐ Leadership is exemplified by the employee who, regardless of position, demonstrates the character and ability to influence and motivate others in accomplishing a major program and/or change that resulted in substantial contributions to improving service to the public.  An individual nominated for Leadership may:

  • Exhibit high levels of integrity, inspire trust, and exemplify dedication to the public service.
  • Serve as role models for both inspiration and generating results
  • Accomplishments might include areas such as: empowering employees, mentoring and developing others, promoting creativity; facilitating collaboration; and building diversity


Unsung Hero ‐ This award recognizes the employee who makes positive “behind‐the‐scenes” contributions to the mission of the organization that would not ordinarily be acknowledged by other types of formal awards.  An individual nominated for Unsung Hero may:

  • Overcome extraordinary challenges in support of national or community service.
  • Make a difference for their community, someone in need, or someone unable to do something for themselves.
  • Significantly enhanced the image or credibility of the organization.
  • Takes on additional tasks for the benefit of the team without drawing attention to their work.
  • Maintains perseverance in difficult situations.


Team Achievement– This award recognizes members of work teams who add significant value to the organizationA team nominated for this category may:

  • Complete a major project significantly under budget or before the deadline under extraordinary time pressure.
  • Receive repeated recognition by internal or external customers for extraordinary service.
  • Contribute to a one-time, outstanding effort, which benefited the work unit or the county.
  • Attribute to specific accomplishments that improve internal processes, saving time or money.