About Us

The FEB Innovation Lab managed by the Continuous Improvement Council is changing paradigms. In federal agencies many laws and regulations govern actions therefore finding innovative solutions are imperative to improvement. We don't think outside the box, we restructure it. We strive not only for continuous improvement, but for continuous innovation. 


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Approach to Improve & Innovate 



Process Improvement. Systematic approach to closing of process or system performance gaps through streamlining and cycle time reduction, and identification and elimination of causes of below specifications quality, process variation, and non-value-adding activities.


Process Discovery and Design. is an approach to understanding your process needs and designing a process to your specifications. The objective is determining the needs of customers and driving those needs into the solution.


Process Management Consulting. is a disciplined management approach and methodology that provides end-to-end process understanding, visibility and control while ensuring effective communication across an organization.


Training & Skills Development. FEB Continuous Improvement Council provides multiple training options to enhance employee and organization process improvement skills and abilities. Training ranges from how to identify opportunities 
for improvement to use of practical tools and methods to implement successful change initiatives.