The Federal Executive Board of Minnesota hosts many different training seminars and events. Most seminars are available on our training page through EventBrite, however often we will partner with another entity to offer valubale training and the registration will be conducted by our partners. See below for training opportunities, seminars, workshops that are available in Minnesota through FEB partner entities.


FEB uses a PayPal processor for all credit card payments. All EventBrite registrations are linked to this PayPal processor. IMPORTANT NOTE: Our FEB PayPal processor will issue cardholders a receipt from the "Federal Executive Board" and NOT from PayPal, which is acceptable for Federal purchase cards/Federal agencies that may have anti-PayPal policies.



FOLD logo smFederal Outreach and Leadership Development (FOLD) Application 2015-2016

The application period is now closed. The nest FOLD application period will be announced soon on the FOLD website.



The Federal Outreach and Leadership Development (FOLD) Program is a program created to assist in the development of future federal executive leaders and to address projected leadership vacancies brought on by retirements. This program is unique in that it is designed for federal participants and is federal government wide. Participants of this program will interact with local executives, visit local agencies, work in groups, refine their writing and speaking skills, share information and explore unique challenges faced and addressed by federal leaders in Minnesota. The program is self-managed and participant driven.


The Federal Executive Board of Minnesota partners with skilled Federal speakers and external partners to offer valuable training and support to Federal employees. One of three lines of business of the FEB is to assist with Workforce Development and Support, therefore, it is our sincere desire to see every Federal agency leader in Minnesota armed with the tools to prepare their employees for excellence in the workplace. Contact the FEB Office to explore future training opportunities for Federal employees.