FEB Weather Recommendation for Monday, March 6, 2023: OPEN – 1 Hour Delayed Arrival with Option for Unscheduled Leave/Telework

Risk Management Process & Facility Security Committee Training in Duluth, MN!

The Interagency Security Committee is having a Risk Management Process & Facility Security Committee Training.  This training is a half day, instructor-led course covering the ISC Risk Management Process and the roles and responsibilities of the Facility Security Committee. 

When: April 27, 2023

Time: 8:00am – 1:00pm

Cost: FREE

Location: 6201 Congdon Blvd, Ontonagon Room, Duluth, MN

Who Should attend?

  • Facility Security Committee (FSC) Chairs, FSC Members, Executives, Managers and any personnel involved in making facility funding, leasing, security, or other risk management decisions.


Registration Instructions:

Interagency Security Committee Risk Management Process and Facility Security Committee Training, Non-Resident will be offered April 27, 2023. To apply for this class, follow the instructions below:

1. Have your FEMA SID number and password. You must have a FEMA SID number before you can apply for the class.

  • If you need a FEMA SID number, go to: https://cdp.dhs.gov/FEMASID and click “Register for FEMA SID” or click “Forgot FEMA SID?” if you have forgotten your FEMA SID.
  • Registering for a FEMA SID number does not register you for this class. You must apply for the class separately.

2. Click this link to apply for the class: Click Here to Apply.

  • Enter your FEMA SID and password.
  • A CDP Training Registration System (TRS) application for 23N-0636 RMP FSC will open.
  • Complete the required fields.
  • Click the “Review and Submit Application Now” button.

Complete the application process by clicking the affirmation checkbox and providing your digital signature by entering your name and FEMA SID password.

(If you have trouble with the link, go to https://cdp.dhs.gov/students and enter 23N-0636 RMP FSC in the “Have a Promo Code?” box. You must enter the promo code exactly as it appears here to successfully apply).

3. If you encounter any errors, please do not attempt to bypass or skip through them. Please document the error with as many details as possible and/or screen shots (print screen) and submit to [email protected] so the error can be documented and addressed by the development team. 

Once the error has been reported, then proceed.